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Interior of the Winter Counsel Chamber Earthlodge

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Interior of the Winter Counsel Chamber Earthlodge
Masters Thesis Project: Ocmulgee Old Fields VR Reconstruction Project,

A virtual reality reconstuction of the Ocmulgee National Monument, Macon GA.
This computer application allows the viewer to "roam" the Ocmulgee park site before the "mounds" where built. Markers appear as the viewer travels within range of a mound site. As the viewer moves towards the marker, the mound rises up from the ground. Upon closer examination buildings appear as the viewer ascends the ramp of the mound. Sounds accompanies different proximeties and interactive events.

Entering a building triggers music and storytelling of Native American origins. There is the Square Ground, the summer meeting area of the early Mississippian culture with a story of the Green Log Fire. And there is the Earthlodge, the winter council chamber where the viewer can trigger the appearance of a council meeting, music and storytelling. Another trigger sends the viewer flying out of the fire pit opening and into the sky over the Ocmulgee Old Field where they can soar over the landscape.

The Ocmulgee Nation Park site is in the city limits of the city of Macon, Ga. As well as containing the Nation Park, the area contain a rich history of Native American culture, spanning over 10,000 years of habitation. This area contains many sites all of which are sacred to the Creek Nation, the Native American people who lived in the area before the tragic relocation to Oklahoma in the Trail of Tears in the 1800's. Also, in the later 1800's two rail lines sliced though the plateau on which the current Nation park exists, cutting though two of the great mounds. The virtual reality reconstruction shows the viewer the site before the rail line trenches where cut. Future version will have an interactive event depicting the alterations.

Unforutnately, once again progress is battling with the sacred sites and a freeway may win over more archaeologically significant lands. Areas next to, but not part of, the Nation Park are targeted for a freeway expansion project by the George Department of Transit and is being supported as economic development to Macon. It is the hope of many that enlightened individuals and the "powers-that-be" will be able to resolve the issue and reroute the expansion.

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This 3D Model was built in 3DStudio4 for use with Intel based workstation running VR applications in a WinNT environment.

Interior of EarthlodgeView of A Mound Top Exterior of EarthlodgeView of Two Mounds
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