LA Times Los Angeles Times reviews our Moon Landing Project. Silicon Graphics Review of our UC Electronic Art Program.  Wired Online interview: VR Artist Recreates Paleolithic Times

LASCAUX reviewed in the InfoArt Exhibition CD-ROM

Buenos Aires hosted the International Council of Museums exhibition. 

LASCAUX home page on the Earth Channel. 

, the French newspaper, reviewed LASCAUX  "en realite virtuelle".

Babelweb VoyagesVirtuels Virtualistes, Paris.

  San Jose Mercury News article about VR Conservation.

Wired Magazine's Reality Check with media prophecies. hotwired

Worldview Highlights review of LASCAUX.

   MediamenteBiblioteca La Grotta di Lascaux.

MediamenteBiografia Benjamin Britton  

The '95 Kwang-Ju International Bienalle in South Korea, world premiere of LASCAUX.

Public Announcement of the term mutual reality.

Mutual Reality onthe M Page. 

"Who's Who in Virtual Reality", listing on the HITLab's Site, Washington State University.

  Discover95 Awards, Sight Category, Discover Magazine.

Review of the VirtualHeritage Conference, Bath, England. 

  VoyagesVirtuels at the Galerie Le Monde de L'Art, Paris.

Intergraph Computers,supporters of LASCAUX.  

   MontpelierTechnopole, Montpellier, France, May, 96.

Press Conferenceabout LASCAUX.  

  GalleryGuide to the Midwest.

SGIWeb Page  Review of Virtual Heritage. 

CERHAS, my Research and Studio Center in Cincinnati.

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