Benjamin Jay Britton, Electronic Artist

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Cincinnati, Ohio 45220
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College of Design, Architecture, Art & Planning
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Master of Fine Arts, Electronic Art, San Francisco Art Institute, 1988-1990
Master of Arts, Media Arts, Vermont College, Montpelier VT, 1980-1983
Graduate with Honors, Defense Language Institute, Monterey CA, 1978-1979
Undergraduate, University of Massachusetts/Amherst, Amherst MA, 1976-1977

Languages Studied
Czechoslovakian, French, Spanish, German, Japanese

Tangemann Gallery, Sacred Places, Cincinnati, Ohio, Oct-Nov 1997
Siggraph 97 Convention, Sense8 Corporation, Los Angeles, August 1997
840 Gallery, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio, June 1997
Dayton Visual Arts Center, Dayton, Ohio, May-June, 1997
International Council of Museums, Buenos Aires, Argentina, November,1996
Intergraph Computer Fair, Tokyo, Japan, October 14, 1996
World ArchaeoExpo, Forli, Italy, September, Sept 9-15, 1996
Ars Electronica Museum, Gala Opening, Linz, Austria, Aug 31-Sept 4, 1996
Siggraph 96 Convention, Intergraph Computers, New Orleans, August 4-8, 1996
Contemporary Art Center, Cincinnati, Ohio, April 12-June 12, 1996
Montpellier Technopole, Musee Virtuel, Montpellier, France, May 19-25, 1996
Voyages Virtuels, Galerie Le Monde de l'Art, Paris, France, Oct 4-8, 1995
InfoArt: '95 Kwang-Ju Biennale, Kwang-Ju, Korea, Sept 20-Nov 20, 1995
Siggraph Convention, Intergraph Computers, Los Angeles, CA, August 1995
Epcot Center, Innoventions, Disney World, Florida, Aug 25, 1995-May 1997
Mondi Artificiel, Venice, Italy, September 2-5, 1994
Triangle Gallery, Sinclair College, Dayton, Ohio, Nov-Dec 1993
Machine Shop Gallery, Cincinnati, Ohio, Oct-Dec 1993
C.A.G.E. Gallery, Cincinnati, Ohio, Oct-Nov 1993
Banff Center for the Arts, Alberta, Canada, May, 1993
Tangemann University Center, Cincinnati, Ohio, 1993, 94, 95
VIGO Cyberculture Festival, Galescia, Spain, January 1993
San Francisco Art Institute, June 1990, 91
New Museum of Contemporary Art, New York, Sept-Nov 1990
Prix Ars Electronica, Linz, Austria, Sept 1990
Kulturni Stredisko, Plzen, Czechoslovakia, Sept 1990
Fine Arts Union, Prague, Czechoslovakia, Sept 1990
Galerie Mladych, Prague, Czechoslovakia, Sept 1990
SISEA Electronic Art, Groningen, Netherlands, July 1990
National Computer Graphics Convention, Anaheim CA, April 1990
ArtSpace Annex, San Francisco, April 1990
Artists Television Access, San Francisco, 1989, 90, 91
Hatley-Martin Gallery, San Francisco, 1989
New Langton Arts, San Francisco, August 1988
Eye Gallery, San Francisco, 1985, 1986
Massachusetts College of Art, Boston, Dec 1986
Boston Film/Video Foundation, 1983, 84, 85, 86
Institute of Contemporary Art/Boston; Boston Now: 1984

Production and Research Grants and Awards
University of Cincinnati Faculty Achievement Award, 1997
Ohio Board of Regents Capital Investment Fund, 1997
Ohio Board of Regents Production Grant Award, 1997
Cinergy Foundation Exhibition Grant Award, Cincinnati, Ohio, 1996
Discover Magazine Awards, Technological Innovation, Finalist, 1995
Intergraph Computer Systems, Production Partnership, 1995/present
Ohio Arts Council Media Arts Program Grant Awards, 1993/94/95
NEA Regional Fellowship Program, Center for New Television, Chicago, 1994/95
University Research Council, University of Cincinnati, 1993/94/95/97
Prix Ars Electronica, Interactive Art, Linz, Austria, 1990
San Francisco International Video Festival, 1987
Experimental Television Center, Artist-in-Residency, 1984/85
Institute of Contemporary Art/Boston, Boston: Now, 1984

Professional Engagements and Presentations
American Film Insititute, Hollywood CA, December 1997
International Symposium of Electronic Art, "Mutual Reality", Chicago, October 1997
Siggraph 97, "Experiences with Virtual Reality", Los Angeles, August 8, 1997
University of Cincinnati Foundation, Santa Barbara, CA, June 30, 1997
American Assoc. of Colleges & Universities, Cincinnati, Ohio, April 12, 1997
Graduate Architecture Seminar, College of DAAP, Cincinnati, Ohio, February 27, 1997
Northern Kentucky University, "Generative Art", Cincinnati, Ohio, February 4, 1997
Provostal Demonstration, College of DAAP, University of Cincinnati, January 16, 1997
International Council of Museums, Buenos Aires, Argentina, November, 1996
International Congress of Prehistoric Sciences, Forli, Italy, Sepember 1996
American Assoc. of Colleges & Universities, Washington DC, Jan 11-13, 1996
Virtual Heritage, Assembly Rooms, Bath, England, November 23-28, 1995
Aplicazioni del Virtuale, Politecnico di Milano, Italy, October 25-28, 1995
Discover Awards, Discover Magazine, Epcot Center, Florida, April 20, 1995
Virtual Reality World Expo '95, San Jose, California, May 22-25, 1995
Virtual Reality World Expo '94, New York, November 29 - December 2, 1994
Montpellier Technopole, Montpellier, France, February 8-11, 1994
Contemporary Art Center, Cincinnati, Ohio, virtual reality in art, December 1994
Ohio State University Alumni Association, Columbus, Ohio, June 1994
Montpellier 3rd International VR Conference, Montpellier, France, February 1994
Nordisk Media Center, Copenhagen, Aarhus, Odense, Denmark, June 1990
International Symposium of Electronic Art, Groningen, Netherlands, June 1990
National Computer Graphics Association, Anaheim CA, May, 1990

Selected Press and Publications
CNN (international), BBC (England), ZDF (Germany), Canal+ (France), NHK (Japan)
Italian TV (Quark), TSI (Swiss TV), Korean television (various), Netherlands Public TV
Wired Magazine, "Idees Fortes", David Pescovitz, February 1998, p.118
Los Angeles Times, Trends, "Sea of Virtuality", David Pescovitz, July 21, 1997, p.d9
TIME "Digital" Magazine, "A Brush with Virtual Art", June 1997, p. 11
Wired Magazine, "Doorways to Digital Art", Norman Weinstein, March 1997, p.170
Reality Check, David Pescovitz, Hardwired Publications, New York, 1996
21C Magazine, "Virtual Lascaux", Cynthia Goodman, Issue 3-96, p.76
Iris Universe, "Information is a Place", Summer 1996, p.20
Art in America, "Report from Korea: Into the International Arena", April, 1996, p.52
Dordogne Libre, Perigeux, France, "Lascaux: La Grotte en virtuel", Oct 25, 1995
Computer Graphics World, "Lascaux Revisited", October 1995
Telerama (France), "Lascaux virtuel", October 7, 1995
Popular Science, "Virtual Lascaux", June 1995
Discover Magazine, "Discover Awards for Technological Innovation", June 1995
Chan-Kao Xao-Xi National Newspaper, People's Republic of China, June 15, 1995
Wired Magazine, "Reality Check: Ask the Experts", June 1994
Virtual Magazine (Italy), "Dentro la Grotta di Lascaux, Ricordare periconoscere
PC Graphics & Video, "Virtual Reality at Work: The Cave of Lascaux", March 1994
InfoMatin, "La Grotte de Lascaux revisitees par la realite virtuelle", February 8, 1994
Le Monde, Entre real et Virtuel, les interfaces, January 10, 1994
Leonardo Magazine, Words on Works, "LASCAUX", 1993
Sculpture Magazine, Interactivity in the Electronic Age, May-June, 1991

Professional Associations and Affiliation
Faculty Senator, Planning Committee Member, University of Cincinnati, 1997-99
Member, American Association of University Professors (AAUP)
Member, International Symposium of Electronic Art (ISEA)

Electronic Art Skills
Production Design, Project Development and Management, Communication
Interactive Computer Authoring, Virtual Reality, Video, Digital Photography
Internet Applications, Museum Installation Design, Cultural Issues, Fine Art

Goals and Intention
To lead a creative, talented, motivated team, making state-of the-art media
projects as creative research, artistic production and technical development.
DVD, WWW applications, VRML, interactive multimedia, the mass-market.
My aim is to make intelligent, enjoyable, significant and self-sustaining art.

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